Daedric Glow Sets + Photoshoot

Main Mod: [DOWNLOAD]

Mods primarily used in this shoot:

Textures –

Patches –



Weather was 81a throughout. – TFC 1 and FOV console codes used as well.

Blue + Sword and Shield

Blue with XPMSE Swords on Back (It clips quite a bit :/)

Blue with Shields on Back via Dual Sheath Redux and XPMSE Swords on Back.

(There is a mesh for Shields on Back with Cloak I didn’t think to Capture)

Brown + Battleaxe

Cyan and Bow with it’s matching quiver

Cyan gloves and arrow with the animation from Archery Gameplay Overhaul

Cyan and Bow with the animation from Archery Gameplay Overhaul

Cyan with Bow and Quiver with the animation from Archery Gameplay Overhaul

Green with dual wielded Daggers. Leanwolf’s Better shaped Weapons and Dual Sheath Redux meshes.

Green Boots.

Green with Wet and Cold Frost Breathing.

Magenta and Greatsword.

Magenta Boots.

Magenta with Greatsword (really the Leanwolf Scabbard) In front of the Shrine of Methrunes Dagon. (where the entire shoot took place)

No Glow in hand-to-hand (Animation is from Pretty Combat idles)

No Glow with Pauldronless Cuirass

Orange with Dual Wielded Maces

Orange with Pauldrons, and one Mace (though the other is below)

Orange with Pauldronless Cuirass.

Orange Pauldronless with Wet and Cold Frost Breath.

Pink with Pauldrons (and the coast of Dawnstar!)

Pink Pauldronless (a closer shot than the favorite below)

Pink Pauldronless with Sword and Shield, and officially my favorite shot.

Purple With Dual Wielded Swords.

Purple with Methrunes nasty mug.

Purple with Dual Wielded Swords in front of Masser.

Purple between Masser and Secunda. Second favorite.

Story: There were multiple attempts to capture this. This one obviously was the best of 7+ shots.

Purple in front of Masser.

I’m aware I have a love of Purple that gives me issues.

Purple Pauldronless in front of Nirn’s Milky way.

I almost forgot to take pauldronless cuirass I had so much fun in front of Masser and Secunda.

Red With Dual Wielded War Axes.

The first attempt at this was better, except XPMSE flipped the left hand axe running the scale script, and ruined it :/

Red Pauldronless Turned out ok though!

Teal (Battleaxe below) – Rusey’s favorate color (she was much hype about it)

Teal Pauldronless With Battleaxe

White with Shield in block position. (3rd favorite)

White Pauldronless In block position

White pauldronless with Shield in block position (side angle)

Yellow with Bow, arrow, and quiver.

Yellow Pauldronless with Bow, arrow, and quiver.

Vanilla pauldronless using Melee.

Bonus Blue armor with a scarf!


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