Updates and a Rant

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 07.31.2017 -

I’ve been busy. I’m sure my absence will tell you.

Above is the work i was slaving over for about 2 days.

In short: EzEs -Colored Map Markers- for Atlas Map Markers with a working fix for the compass changes in SkyUI 5.1

I’m going to upload the mod later ♥

So what’s my life been right now? Ugh.

I’ve been bogged by mom yet again. And of course that’s a give-and take, with the added Water worshipping. “Have you drunken enough water?”, “How much water have you drunken?” etc. etc.

I’ll can it at that, it’s a mod blog. Volunteer work is also draining! Anyway! Thanks ♥

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