WISH ENB Dickery and Spare Time Wasting

I know you’re all here for the pretty Pictures, so here’s Dump of Wish ENB WIP shots fer ya:

And two bonus ones From Dawnstar:

It says Ancient Dragon, but there’s an ELDER Dragon behind him I had my ass handed to me REALLY quickly.

Taken to show Laereal of /r/skyrimmods Discord that With Clear Water for Real Water Two mod it’s not all completely texture free and clear, and it is murky, depending.

About life.

I’m really feeling pressured. We’re low on money and full of shit to do, both mom and myself.

Honestly I feel out of time. So I miss posting, and I miss a lot of shit – conversations, people, events, etc.

Also I’m lacking sleep. Kill me.

Good news is I’ve picked up a few cool projects! They involve Skyrim hair :D

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