Hurrrg; Life, Modding, and Mentality. + Animal Crossing thoughts.

Elder Scrolls V  Skyrim Screenshot 2017.09.04 -

While working on Zora, I noticed my modding isn’t suffering from skill, but my mental instability.

It brings me both fun, enjoyment, and creative rewards, but… It’s not doing well not because I supposedly suck, but because my real life is in the dirt.

Mom legit pissed me off three times. So I’m holed up playing Animal crossing at the moment. It’s relaxing but in a subconscious way, it’s reminding me that normal is a real thing and it’s not this. Villagers are friendly, kind, and really care. They’re not manipulative and set real expectations.

It’s a real, true, honest representation of how relationships should be. despite being a kids game.

I’m possibly moving soon. Possibly. And I’m going to be so unused to real kindness.

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