Birthdays and Bad Days

Guild Wars 2 Screenshot 2018.01.26 -

This last week has been rough. I turned 30 on the 27th and kinda lost “part” of my job.

I struggled to find a Skyrim Screenshot, so have a of Guild Wars 2 one instead, since I got my Permanent Hair Style Kit Contract from my boyfriend this weekend for my birthday.

So my birthday was last Saturday, and it was a very stressed day on the friday before, sooo I took off work that day, cleaned my room, recouped. I had a decent day Saturday, until I had to my mother’s and she was a needy shit.

Sunday morning I had to forcefully walk home because my mother whined for me to take care of her despite literally have impending plans. For context I had come over there to have a birthday dinner (which I legitimately didn’t want to do but saved face, which turned out to be a disaster), and she was constantly asking for favors, which turns out to be a schick she pulls almost 24/7.

She hurts herself a lot. Like before I left she fell down the last two stairs. The main reason is because she doesn’t do reasonable things. She couldn’t hold the banister well, so ofc she rushes down the banister instead taking her fucking time.

Long story short, my mother has no concept of realistic logic and she’s on her last straw with me.

Sunday, after walking home was actually fun. Both Milla and Kris came to see me, and we visited Molly :D So that was a worthwhile birthday.

Anyway, I really needed to vent. I’ll post mod progress a bit later, Thanks guys ♥

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