He has an open door he won’t use.

[X-Posted from tumblr, sorry I thought I had it here too. Original date mark of the tumblr post is June 7, 2018 7:02 pm]

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Today I told Sevencardz to get the fuck out of my life.

I’m dealing with 30+ years of PTSD and the recognition I’m by no fucking means Neurotypical at all.

I am not your mother. If you don’t know what you did “unless I tell you” I have no responsibility to spoon feed you and have you spit it back up like a fucking baby.

Get thE FUCK out of my god damn life.

Doors open, for now. But I know you’re not gonna use it. That’d be admitting you were wrong. Saying to my face and to yourself you have the ability to be wrong.

I’ll shut it later, I’ll lock it too. But if ya knock, I’ll answer. But you’re not going to knock. So I’m not scared.

I’ve lived with toxicity being forced through my veins by my genetic brethren and affiliates my entire life. When I tried to detox those calling themselves my friends just swapped it for their own named brand.

I’m holding on to the blood that’s mine.

The blood of the covenant runs thicker than the water of the womb.

Get out of my veins.

One thought on “He has an open door he won’t use.

  1. ksp says:

    those calling themselves my friends
    This is when you know – who really is your friends. I’ve been there. When I detoxed, many many times, I lost what I thought were my “friends”. It’s a harsh reality to accept. At first you might be alone, but you’re not alone, there’s a huge network out there of people that can support you. Don’t worry I am not talking about therapists and psychiatrists and all that crap… Not sure based on a few of your posts if those times is way behind or near behind but letting you know Narcotics Anonymous is out there. You don’t have to adhere to their “”religion”” its the people I’m referring to. Those people saved my life. Maybe they can help you out. Wherever you are. :)


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