Prospects of the Inquisitive Kind

I need to start this post with saying: Life is pretty… who the fuck knows at this moment.

So this is a proper Skyrim post! …Mostly.

To begin: Elxdark, the creator of Customizable UI Replacer, has pushed and published his 5.2 update to said mod. I love his mod, and his friendly nature, and the personal hype I made about this this mod is the real reason the “EzEs -Colored Map Markers- Atlas Map Markers – Compass Patches” compendium of a thing even got started. I wanted the compass icons to have colors, gosh darnit!

As 5.2 came out the hard reqirement for Less Intrusive HUD has now been replaced with SkyHUD. SkyHUD was made by the same guy who created SIM, or “SIM – Skyrim Interface Makeover for SkyUI (Fhaarkas Font Mod)” a giant over-encompassing fucking mouthful of a name for a very nice font and UI-HUD mod, Fhaarkas.

SkyHUD was originally created for Special Edition, but was backported to LE, and while not as easy to control in the game, It’s counterpart, Less Intrusive HUD’s in-game controls don’t pause the game and takes up a lot of hotkeys, which means you will be wasting in game time while you move shit, causing your followers to circle you mindlessly, passers by to commentate on shit that has nothing to do with you (“I heard they’re reforming the Dawnguard!”), and the possible RNG thief force greeting you, making you TAB and stab them in the gut – hopefully without fucking up your config.

Or sneak crouch spasming – that was a thing.

Point being, I’ve wanted to try SkyHUD anyway and now I can! Yehy!

In any case, Elxdark posted in the official comment sticky he was going to ask me to make a patch for EzEs, then promptly forgot, seeing as I had to read that to know.

The patch is in fact up on the EzEs – Compass Patches mod page under SkyHUD – CUIR – 5.2 EzEs Colored Map Marker Art. It’s also in the MEGA Master Folder Link on the Mod Directory main page.


In ending, as I’ve almost forgotten that this was the main reason I’m posting, I wanted to propose an… idea. A reader-involved idea at that, supposing I fucking have any.

The premise (roughly) is a Q&A. I’ll filter what I get, if anyone actually asks me shit.

In any case, I’m just gauging interest because I’m guessing there’s none, please comment below, or or contact me privately by ~other means~ (of which is per-individual).

Thanks! An plz be nice 2 me.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Screenshot 2018.06.28 -

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