Here and Gone and Back Again – An Update

Hey guys. It’s been quite a bit, hasn’t it?

Yeah, it has.

I owe all of you an update, of sorts. This will be loaded and vastly stream-of-conscious, so my advanced apologies.

I was kicked out August the 13th, and moved to a Christian Woman’s shelter pretty much against my will. It’s October 3rd now, so the 13th of this month will be my 3rd month in this shelter.

I’ve gained and lost. Most of what I owned and was not salvaged from my former landlady has likely been trashed or “repurposed” by that landlady. I will likely be getting none of it back. I wonder what happened to my art supplies and what not.

My Computer was hoisted to my mothers house recently, and after the drama all I can say is I had already emotionally written it off. Will I get it back? I don’t know. I don’t want to see my mother, so honestly I can’t say.

The silver lining in all of this is my independence and my self worth has gained insane traction. I had two text conversations. One was with my mother, after she received my computer and had messaged my boyfriend (Johann) of my whereabouts, legitimately having no idea I was homeless. The other was with her friend Anne, as she had tried to find me and meet with me.

I told the both of them in my own personal responses to them both, I did not need them. Being open, standing my ground, and saying what I truly felt about them, how they acted, and how they treated me as a whole.

I hate lying. I hate having no choice but to lie far more. I’ve had to for so damn long. Telling those two that I did not care anymore, felt absolutely fucking amazing.

There is a borderline of freedom for me. I’ve barely stepped across it, and it took over 30 years to even reach that line, but I’ve crossed it. I will not look back, and I will not step backwards over it.

I have reached past this line on my own, with very little help. The voices of hope, encouragement and love from my friends and my loving, overwhelmingly warm boyfriend have been pushing me to keep on, and keep going.

In closing, thank you so, so fucking much to anyone who donated. I have gotten some completely anon donations and bless you people!!

I’ve been scraping by with what everyone’s been scrummaging up, absolutely bless you.

for those who would like to donate, I have a paypal, however be aware, please, please:

Use the [Friends and Family] option when donating!

DO NOT USE the default option it gives you that is for goods and services not donations.

My PayPal page is this however:

Today’s featured image was one of the last skyrim pictures I got to take before I had to disassemble My PC to take upstairs and store. Rumarin is using a cloak spell I taught him with EFF. Aura of the sun I believe, something from Dawnguard.

I miss you guys. Stay safe ♥

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Screenshot 2018.07.12 -

One thought on “Here and Gone and Back Again – An Update

  1. Franz says:

    Anna, thank you so much for sharing your stories with us, and keeping us updated so that we know you are doing at least okay. We are with you every step of the way. I am inspired by the humanity and love that can be shared, and seen between complete strangers from all over the world.
    Please stay safe, stay healthy, and keep updating!


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