[Art is by @bluekomadori on twitter, please support them!]

So It seems some of my mods were ~mysteriously~ poofed off of MEGA. Thanks to Xara (yeah that one) for pointing that out.

They are stored in GDrives neverending time loop of backups, though. GDrive never stop being a reliable fuck-nut.

I owe ya’ll a life post, but that’ll be around Monday! I’m gonna see How to Train Your Dragon 3 tonight, so I’m gonna try to log my thoughts somehow!

My 31st birthday was Jan the 27th, so Updates on that, And I wanna put my receipts page to use, as intended

Xara or Xarathos is @Xarathos on twitter and XarathosHawke on Nexus Mods.

I’m CyborgArmGun on Nexus for those who are not in the loop.

In any case Link list for noobz

WordPress | Twitter | Nexus Mods Profile | Nexus Forum Profile

Breloom, a third generation pokemon fanart by bluekomadori on twitter

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