Whealp. Hi there.

I’m writing this on my tablet,

as the starbucks I regular is about to get hit by a thunderstorm. Time to word vomit stream-of-conscious about how myself, and my mods have been doing!

So first off,

  1. I’m fucking cold.
  2. The thunderstorm supposidly ends right before dinner starts.
  3. Aaaaaaa

But as I shiver I realize I’m stuck for quite a bit, so I’m parking.


Xarathos has been the DudeTM right now, porting all my SE mods but 2 over to Special Edition Skyrim. The two unported are MOI, [Mod Organizer Icons] because that mod is really a graphic resource I actually think is dumb, so no, and Daedric Vanilla Female Bodyslide, which needs to be ported to the SE CBBE shape.

Speaking of Bodyslide, I’ve been able to get that running on the library PCs, so that’s looking up!

I’m getting cold and groggy. I did not bring my teabags or my cups with me and I’m grumpy about that, ugh.

I’ve converted a good deal to SE, but there is more to do.

God, I’m really cold. I was hoping this would be way longer but I’m trying not to shiver. Sorry I’ve gotta go. Brrr.

I’m not dead! Thanks guys!


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