Urff. Updates and etc.


Yes seriously that.

Main update today is that Daedric Glow Sets Redone for both Legendary and Special Edition have been updated.

This Entails:

  • Fixed the Daedric White Helmet crafting the Daedric Yellow Helmet.
  • Meshes optimized for SE.
  • An upload of a slightly redone version of Daedric Crossbow by DJjojo.
  • The same mod “Daedric Crossbow by DJjojo” has been quick-ported to SE as-is.
  • SE got an upload for the Crossbows addon as a WordPress Exclusive only. Please do not share this to Nexus.
  • The Nexus Pages for Legendary Edition and Special Edition have been updated in turn.

Other than that

Been updating stuff here and there. lot of incredibly minor stuff. Mostly the things regarding the mod directory. There was an Bug Report on Daedric Glow Sets redone on SE, one that is actually not a bug, but poked the comments section and realized that, oh shit the White helm problem still isn’t fixed. But it is now!

WordPress app on android is shit. Mod directory edits will likely continue under the radar.

I have Portable Mod Organizer 2 and Steam

Yup! I have working copies of both via the PortableApps Platform, which Is something I’ve been using since… 2002? Anyways, bless my luck I can Run almost anything with the right configuration and .ddl files.

…But not xEdit. Still pissed about that.

This basically means I have editing abilities! I have a USB stick that carries all this, so I have some means now.


I had a few Patreon people pledge, then a few dropped off.

Guys, my income dun’ exist, so here are my donate/pledge links!

Monies plz?

Patreon | Paypal | Ko-fi

Any other ways?

I’m curious, is there any other recommended donation options you guys would like to see? I know nothing about k.ofi, and I could do a public Amazon wish list, or even a Newegg one.

Thoughts? Leave ’em below


Edit: Ko-fi Added!

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