Astraea Medea

  • IRL
    • Anna Mott.
    • 30.
    • January Birthday.
    • She/Her.
    • Nashville, TN.
    • Autistic, Bipolar, ADD, OCD, and Anxiety.
    • Loves animals, mostly cats. Because cats.


    • Skyrim Mod Author.
    • Writer.
    • Artist.
    • Guild Wars 2, Eden Eternal, Skyrim, Pokémon, Ragnarok Online 2: Gate of the World.
    • Digital and Traditional Art.


    • First mod Published was “Demon Hunter Armor Plus” on 15 Apr 2015 at 15 April 2015, 3:23PM, and continues to be her most popular mod.
    • Was the Patcher of “Ultimate NPC Overhaul” but was scorned, so she started the “Natural People” mod.
    • Is the co-author of Keeping Warm, by Netrv.
    • Is a contributing author on
      • Immersive Horses
      • Craftable Horse Barding
    • Doesn’t have a favorite mod, but has a soft spot for Leatherbound Huntress.
      • Seriously will someone help with retexturing the dang thing?
    • Miraak Husbando was created as a joke and a dare, but became moderately popular anyway.


    • Runs the website Ecliptic Orrey, a skyrim and life blog, as well as a mod directory. She updates semi-regularly.
    • Although dormant her DA is CyborgArmGun.
    • Runs a dormant Sailor Moon fandom website Phantom Silver Crystal.

    Random factoids

    • Favorite Food is Steak, Potatoes, and Broccoli as a meal.
    • Ethnicity is majoritively Scottish/Irish old-hand American. Mixed Native American, English, and really she has no idea.
    • American, born in Nashville, Tennessee.
    • Grew up in Bellevue, Tennessee, the southwestern corner of the Davidson County “triangle”.
    • Dating a Pilipino man who is better dressed than her since 2012.
    • Doesn’t wear makeup, and is really bad at applying it.
    • Will fight you over Sailor Moon facts.
    • Is actually a brunette, not raven haired.
    • Is not really good at selfies.
    • Thinks Purple is god-teir color.
    • Pink is aite.
    • Puppy-dog eyes make her want to punch you.
    • Owns an Ultra-Tower Custom, hand-built Computer named Setsugekka.
    • Names her hard drives. Her current drives are:
      • Ohagi (windows, C:)
      • Geshouku (Gaming HD, D:)
      • Konayuki (Documents, downloads, and music, E:)
      • Eiga (Videos, Pictures, Torrent Downloads, and Cloud Storage parking F:)
      • Kaisetsu (Backup G:)
    • Has a Novel Series Galactica Hoshi Tenshi, with two volumes: Up from the Dust (v1), and Castles in the Sky (v2) in raw, unedited, messy form.

Art Commissioned from @stravvbunnies