That Update I Owe You

I might be 125% behind on keeping ya’ll up to date. It’s been… actually pretty lackluster.

Mostly I’ve been in a fog. Mix of depression, mix of valid events, and what not.

  • I had my appendix out on March 27th as a result of INSANE Abdominal pain over 3 days that I finally convinced myself to call an ambulance. After admittance, the doctor (a REALLY nice and skilled black lady) and I talked. A pelvic exam and a CAT scan later… NOPE. INFECTED APPENDIX.
  • Surgery was only an hour, no complications. Two days of observance. All recovered after 2 weeks, stamina sucks still tho.
  • PC stuff. (later)
  • Just all over in general.

I’m really tired, there might be a part 2 IDK *shrug*

Posted a Imgur gallery of fun stuff tho so why not link ya’ll.

Wish me luck as always guys ♥ I’ll need it.

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